Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013...A Fresh Beginning

New years are wonderful beginnings aren't they? We love them. We celebrate them. You don't see anyone with a sad face in Times Square. Everyone, it seems, has hopes when a new year dawns.

I am NO different. I had an amazing 2012...I finally became a stay at home mom. I had my second son. Quite a lot of joy last year, but I'm ready to blow the doors off 2013.

While perusing pinterest yesterday, I came across a post by Jolene Engle over at The Alabaster Jar discussing her plans to have Christ centered plans for 2013. She said she was going to apply one word to her life this year: worship. I love the idea, and it took about a nanosecond for me to know my word.

I am personally responsible for so many things.
1. I am the one responsible to study the Word and pray. Not my preacher. Not my husband. Not another blogger sharing truth. ME! I am responsible, and I plan to take that responsibility seriously.
2. I am responsible to love, honor, and respect my husband. No matter what is happening in our lives. No matter how busy we are. No matter if I feel he is falling short in some area.
3. I am responsible to raise our sons. Every day. I am responsible for teaching them and directing them to the Lord. If I do not take my responsibility to number 1 and 2 seriously, I cannot do this well.
4. I am responsible to manage the home. Our home is where we relax...where we are safe from all the world throws at us. I've done the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge, but I need to make sure that every day is a haven day. And while that challenge didn't include cleaning, that's important too...we need a safe, uncluttered environment for me and my husband to thrive personally.

So there we have it...my main responsibilities. Would you join me in a Christ-centered plan for the new year? If you need ideas, you can find them at the link to the Alabaster Jar.
Happy New Year.
Wishing you and yours the best as we begin anew...

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