Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Chalkboard Devo

When I was in college, I was fresh in my faith, and the Lord moved me to write devotions. I used to get up before school or student teaching, and I would send a facebook message to all my Christian friends with what I called my "morning messages." Once I graduated and went on to graduate school, I added some more readers, including my now husband. On our first Christmas together as a married couple, he put all of the emails together in a word document and gave it to me. Such a sweet gift.

Now we are going on five years of marriage, and those morning messages are still dear to my heart, and they have been calling to me. I love to write, but a lot of times my blog goes without posts because I don't feel like people will understand me. I want my blog to be a blessing to moms and wives. I want it to bring glory to God and reveal truths from His word and how we can apply it to our lives.

I have spent the last few weeks telling my husband that I couldn't find my voice in this space...that somehow I do not know how to put all of my passion into posts that I can publish rather than delete. The truth is, I really want to continue to write devotions. It's the best way that I feel God speaks to me through His word. I love all the pretty pictures and sites that the women I look up to in the blogosphere create, but I just can't do it. My main focus is honoring God in my home, and it takes me about all I have got to do that and get into the Word myself. Posting random thoughts isn't really fitting into my schedule.

But I really do feel passionate about writing. I may not can give how to love your husband in three easy steps, but I can apply scripture to how I love my husband. I like looking at the words used and really analyzing what is being said. I like feeling the Spirit reveal truths to me as I grow as a wife and mother. So I created TheChalkboardDevo, a blog meant only for the types of messages I used to write, and I wrote my first new devotion today. I'm a little on the rusty side, but it made me happy to spend time with my Lord today and dream of someone else being spoken to through them. It's easy to find my voice there because I am really speaking to myself, journaling the truths I find. Simple truths without all the distractions.

I hope you will check me out there. I pray that, if you do, the Lord will speak to you as well, and that you will yearn for His Word in your life, letting it prepare and guide you in every situation you face.

In Him.

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