Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Learning to Live Well

As those of you who have read my blog know, I have followed WomenLivingWell for quite some time. I have really enjoyed Courtney's (the writer) challenges on homemaking and marriage. See my posts on making your home a haven.

So, recently, when she asked for applications to be a part of her new book Women Living Well's launch team, I sat down and applied!

I found out this week that I was selected. Yes, I jumped up and down a little. I believe in Courtney's ministry. It touches my walk with God, my relationships, and my home because it is founded on Scripture and is challenging. So I could not wait to dive into my advance copy of the book. EEK!

I have completed the section on "My Walk with the King," and my life has been enhanced already.

I spent ten times more time with God yesterday than I usually do because I had a new resource to hold onto, something she mentions early on in the book.

The idea of a prayer walk through her house.

I could never even remotely describe it as beautifully as it is written (I literally had to stop and read the entire section to my husband), but I am starting this practice in my home. Basically, you pray for your family and give thanks to God as you go through your daily tasks.

I started doing this yesterday, and it was such a wonderful thing to know I was being connected to my life in a new way. I was more productive and a better mom because of it. And it's a practice I plan on continuing.

Spending time with God doesn't have to happen when it is silent, the kids are in bed, and all your chores are done! While I normally throw up a prayer in times of need, I always felt the need to stop whatever was going on to pray. My eyes may be open, but I am doing business with my Savior all the day long now. I cannot wait to see how this discipline changes my walk with my King.

I am so grateful for Courtney's opening of her heart and home with us.
Seriously...grab the book on October 1st!!

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