Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Closer to "Haven Status"

We are to week 2 in the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge. This week we are to keep our candles burning and play soft music, remembering to pray for peace in our home and to practice gentleness.

I have to admit, I had a hard time getting started with the music, which is surprising because I absolutely LOVE music. I think it was deciding how to go about the challenge. In the end, I decided to play my local Christian station at a low volume.

My husband has become interested in this challenge, and he turned the volume up slightly so it could be heard very lightly in our bedroom. I didn't think too much about gentleness or peaceful relationships intentionally, but I have had quite a few opportunities to choose how I react to situations in my life. I have chosen to not speak many of the thoughts that have crossed my mind because I knew I would essentially be saying them to "hurt" because I was hurting, and I don't want to continue the cycle.

My tv has come on less due to the challenge, and I often think of curling up with the hubby and sleeping in our living room where the music softly plays. It makes me think of times I led Disciple Now groups and I stole away to spend some time quietly in the Word.

I can't say that it has made a huge difference in my life...yet. It feels like it's just a seed right now. As if my mind is being renewed a little more each day, and I am heading more to the simpler life I crave.

I know I'm not just doing this for the challenge of it all at this point. This is going to be a lifestyle change. The music will continue to play, and the light will keep burning. And hopefully, as I go, I'll grow, and my light will shine a little brighter, and my music sound a little sweeter.

UPDATE: I realized that I have explored a new hobby more in the last two days. Rather than just sitting and waiting on my son to finish his meals after I finish, I have worked on my sewing at the table while talking to him and my husband. I actually completed my second project this morning. Something about music being in the background rather than tv influenced that as my attention is not drawn in so many directions. It's so peaceful, and I am thankful for the time to do something I enjoy in the tiny moments afforded me. I'm glad I'm blogging about this challenge...I notice little details so much more when preparing to link up than if I had just been going about my day.

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  1. Good morning, neighbor from the WLW link-up. I love that you are making lifestyle changes aimed at the heart of your home. Love is a precious blessing; one to be nurtured and cared for gently.
    Blessings to you along your journey.
    Peace and good.