Monday, November 26, 2012

Finishing up Making my Home a Haven Challenge

I, sadly, missed linking up last week at women living well, but I'm not going to miss it! Last weeks challenge was all about the kitchen. I realized before Monday that I had been living out the challenge to bring special meals to my family for a couple weeks. Finally feeling healed from having sweet Landon, I started meal planning, and I made an array of homecooked meals that filled my house with pleasant aromas. All of these dishes were new to my family. There was only one dish I didn't like (even though it was cooked right). And out of all of the meals, Austin (my sweet 20 month old) ate them ALL.

I didn't cook as much last week, though. We cleared out all the leftovers. I think I had worn myself out. :) I did cook Thanksgiving dinner, though. My husband was off the two days before thanksgiving, but I wanted to spend all of those days soaking in time with him and my boys. So on Thanksgiving morning, I got the boys up and we watched the parade and relaxed around the house. Then I got the potato salad cooked during nap and got the turkey prepped. I managed to have Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey, potato salad, stuffing, peas, and gravy ready the minute my husband walked in the door.

He thanked me...oh, I don't know...around 10 times. No exaggeration. It was a special moment for us. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm glad he enjoyed my effort. This is the first Thanksgiving we were apart for most of the day, so it was important to keep something traditional for us.

This week our challenge is to decorate. I'm SOOO excited about it. This is my first Christmas with both our boys. Makes it feel so special. We have our tree set up, but we haven't had time to decorate it. Adam is off tomorrow and Wednesday, so I look forward to decorating during that time. I'll have to take pictures, as I haven't been adding many pictures to this blog, and I think this is the perfect part of the challenge to start.

Hoping your holidays start out merry and bright!

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