Sunday, September 30, 2012

The First Weeks after Birth...Lessons in Faithfulness Part 2

My last post dealt with the faithfulness of God as I completed my pregnancy, and boy has He shown himself faithful in every way. Just like I'd prayed, I was having contractions when I went to be induced on 9-24-12, and the beginning of my hospital experience was much the same as with my first son. The pitocin started at 5:30am and by 11:11am, the screams of my new baby boy could be heard. What I didn't expect was how easy the contractions would be to handle...I dunno what happened with my first delivery, but this was almost nothing like that one, and I was shocked when I was told it was time to push. It all happened in the most perfect of timing and the easiest way for my family's current situation.

God's faithfulness doesn't mean easy peasy though...I reinjured the tears from my first birth only worse, and my healing has been a lot more difficult. While my first son nursed fairly easily, it took a while to really get a groove...which led to four bilirubin checks. And this time, I had to have help from my parents since my husband only had a week off with me. And I had to go against a doctor. I'm a strictly breastfeeding gal, so when the doctor (upon seeing the bili levels not change in two days) said to supplement with formula, she got an emphatic NO. The last bili check showed tremendous reduction in levels, and I was given the all clear...the doctor actually told me "keep doing what you're doing." This is the second child that within a week of birth I was asked to supplement formula with, refused, and it all worked out just like I knew it would...but that's for another post. Still wasn't an easy time.

I wondered to myself how is God's faithfulness shown in this situation? Each time I went to get the lab work done on my son, more bills piled up. If he was going to be fine, what was the point? And then I saw it...the first few days were super difficult for me...healing and nursing wise. God allowed me rest as Landon didn't nurse but once in the night and allowed my hurting breasts to heal as he nursed infrequently while I learned how to get a good latch with him. Each of these things would have contributed to the levels not falling as they should, but I'm pretty sure that it is what got me through the hardest part of recovery. The bills are just a small side effect of His faithfulness...comfort and healing over choice anyday.

The weeks following Landon's birth have been amazing. My family finally feels complete, and the transition wasn't near as difficult as we expected. Our 18 month old has done wonderful in every way. My husband and I seem even closer. AND we have another blessing to enjoy life with. Landon is about the easiest baby ever! Oh...and have I mentioned that I seem to be healing BETTER than I did with my first son, so maybe I won't ache upon moving for the rest of my life BECAUSE I got torn in the same place? I'd always hoped I could heal better from the second so as to fix the mess I was after my first.

I don't know why I'm so blessed, but I sure am thankful for it. But most of all, I'm happy that God has been teaching me about his puts a new perspective on each new challenge and has really made my life less stressful. If we can keep our focus on the One who is really in control, His peace will surround us. I'm still waiting on the Lord in one more area of life, and I can't wait to share how He was faithful in that situation as well...because I know He will be.

Are you waiting on something? He's faithful. His way is perfect. If He holds your future, you can be certain of one thing...He has it ALL under control, so rest in Him. He always comes through!

Wishing you well,

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